Artist's Statement

Finding beauty in ugliness. Order in the chaos. Peace in anxiety. I pursue explaining how people throughout history express themselves through art, and explain the untold things.


My artwork covers the cosmos, but in the micro view. As particles align or molecules act as independent units, and as attraction and rejection create a table or molecules form in space.


In creating multiple iterations of one form, I, as the artist, build a tactile reality by pursuing my emotional, psychological, conditional present. By applying these forms, which I call “plod”, in a sequence of their own choosing I create a new emotional expression from the dozens of iterations of my emotional reality. The role of these “plod” are to organically form together a biological molecule to bring together one idea or one thought. This molecule of a single idea or thought is meant to subdue the viewer through the work’s clarity, purity and balance.



Ceramics as a material with natural warmth and capacity

for modeling and shaping , contains an action in the artwork which allows me to create my own language through art.